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SuperLinks offers guidance to students to choose appropriate course and university around the world on the basis of their profile. Aspiring candidates are offered personalized attention and services by our trained career advisors.

SuperLinks ensures that your applications for admissions are well prepared and well presented.
Our career advisors meticulously follow admission trends at various universities. They also keep a tab on immigration rules and policies of destination countries.

SuperLinks provides test preparation training for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and Spoken English.

What We Do

SUPERLINKS offers guidance to students to choose appropriate course and university on the basis of their profile. Armed with trained career advisors, we offer each candidate personalized attention and services. SUPERLINKS ensures that your applications for admissions are well prepared and well presented.


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Study Abroad

Study in UK

From the world-recognized universities to its innovative teaching approach and the leading minds who deliver it, UK has what you need to reach your potential…

Study in Australia

That’s an 11% increase in international student numbers from 2017. High-quality education, easy access to student support services, multicultural society and fantastic lifestyle make…


Study in Canada

Canada is one of the greenest countries, not just in terms of the forest cover but also in terms of the awareness and attitude of the people towards the environmental cause. The average Canadian…


Study in USA

The US is not just an economically and technologically happening place; it is also one of the most vibrant societies of modern times. American culture is an amalgamation of cultures from…


Study in Germany

Millions of students around the world go abroad to attend a university. Many of those students choose to come to Germany. It is one of the emerging destinations for Indian students as well…


Study in Sweden

The Higher education system in Sweden is divided into three levels: basic level, advanced level and graduate level. Sweden has 41 higher education institutions, high school colleges…


Study in Hungary

Hungary is one of the European countries that has invested a lot into higher education, and the results are noticeable. An increasing number of internationals choose to study…

Study in Ireland

The higher education system in Ireland consists of the university sector, institutes of technology and private independent colleges. The entry requirements for international students to…

Study in Latvia

Education in Latvia is increasingly oriented towards the international market. Universities are moving away from post-Soviet standards and are developing English-language programs that attract…

Immigration Consultancy

SUPERLINKS has positively affected the career outcomes of innumerable aspirants and our ongoing relationship with our students has been a gratifying story of unparalleled success. We have placed tens of thousands of students in universities in the countries that we represent. You can also be a part of SUPERLINKS’s success stories and add a new dimension to your career and life.



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