Study in Latvia


Education in Latvia is increasingly oriented towards the international market. Universities are moving away from post-Soviet standards and are developing English-language programs that attract applicants from abroad with high European quality and affordable prices. And the leisurely pace of life amid stunning architecture and nature captivates every foreigner who has visited Latvia.


  • Low prices. Tuition fees in Latvia are very low by European standards. At the same time, the graduate receives an international diploma recognized in all of the EU. The prices for goods and services are also quite affordable.
  • Multilingualism. For foreign students, universities in Latvia provide a wide range of programs in English. At the same time, students can attend Latvian language courses at their university, and more than half of the country’s population speaks Russian or at least understands it. The language barrier will not stand in the way of employment and adaptation.
  • The ability to travel. Riga has the largest airport in the Baltic countries. The convenient location and low-cost flights allow Latvian students to see neighboring countries and not spend a fortune doing so.

Latvia actively seeks to integrate into the international community and get rid of traces of the Soviet past. This could also be seen in the education system. Earlier, training in many institutions of Latvia was bilingual (teaching was conducted in Latvian and Russian), but after the reforms in 2019, the country began to pay much more attention to education in its native (Latvian) language, as well as attract foreign students from the EU countries with the help of a large the number of English-language programs. For students from abroad, this is a great opportunity to get a world-class diploma at a relatively low price.

Student Card

All international students are required to obtain the international student identity card (ISIC). This card is very useful during your stay in Latvia and can provide you with various discounts in theaters, cinemas, etc. The card also gives a discount when a student travels by bus or train within the country and towns. The card is also necessary for accessing the university library and the sports center. To get the ISIC card, the student must fill in an application form after arriving in Latvia. For more information concerning obtaining the card, contact the International Cooperation Center. (

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