Admission Process & Support

  1. Initial Assessment
    1. This is the first step towards making a successful admission application to your desired university. Students approach us with their academic documents to get evaluated for admission at a university in a particular country of their choice.
    2. Our expert counselors evaluate and assess the students’ qualifications and weigh their chances of success in their proposed course and institute.
    3. After a detailed session with the candidates, we allow them to make the best choice from the available options and the admission process is officially launched.
  2. Obtaining Offer Letter
    1. Depending upon the choice of the destination, we represent our students to get Offer Letters for them from their chosen universities and colleges.
    2. This is a studious task requiring meticulous detailing and care to avoid any unnecessary queries raised by the prospective education institute.
  3. Obtaining Unconditional Offer Letter
    1. We work very closely with our students to get them through complicated admission procedures at various universities in different countries.
    2. Gaining an Unconditional Offer Letter might involve a Skype interview by the University, a Statement of Intent by the student and evaluation of the student’s financial capacity to meet the study expenses overseas.
    3. Mock Interview sessions are held with students to build their confidence and help them visualize the real interview scenario.
  4. Final Step

After meeting all the requirements and going through strict university evaluations the student is awarded with an Unconditional Offer of Admission. This is followed by payment of Tuition Fee which is 1st Semester fee for Australia, One year fee for Canada (SDS Program) but may vary depending upon the country. After this the student is ready and set to make his VISA Application.

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